i had a dream last night where inuyasha was freaking out because kagome pulled out a vacuum cleaner LOL

He would sooo freak out! Like GRRR what is that?! That thing is MAKING WIND LIKE MIROKU’S WIND TUNNEL!! Kagome’s family has their own KAZAANA MACHINE!


ten away from 600 i can’t feel my legs

Song: Hidden Bladed Commander - Jakotsu

Artist: Kaoru Wada

Plays: 105

toward-tomorrow asked: I'm going to answer here because otherwise the other post is gonna be really long haha ! Whoa I was actually planning to wear my triforce t-shirt tomorrow! I've been playing Zelda since as far as I can remember and I feel like I'm gonna love this series all my life ! I even got an Hylian Crest tattoo :P




(Eheh that’s a good idea then.) 

A tattoo sure beats my t-shirt! Haha that’s impressive. I grew up watching my older brothers play, and started playing them a few years ago myself. :) 

Anyway, what other things are you interested in? I play some RPG’s (Final Fantasy is a favorite of mine) and write and paint. I actually didn’t get into anime until last year, but I have a good number under my belt so far.

I love RPGs too  ! I only played Final Fantasy XIII and I only played like 20 hours but yeah its a really great series ! I really want to try 10 and 7 … Which one is your favorite ? I also love the elder scrolls a lot ! And does Pokemon count as a rpg ? xd

Oh I would love to see some of your paintings ! :) I love to draw but I’m not really good (I really don’t practice enough).

I only got serious about watching anime pretty recently too , it used to be extremely hard for me to sit down a watch a whole episode of a show x) What are your favorites anime? Mines are probably (except Inuyasha obviously) Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist, Elfen Lied, Valkyria Chronicles and Neon Genesis Evangelion ! I used to be obsessed with Naruto too.. And do you read mangas? My favorite after Inuyasha is definitely Maison Ikkoku (written by Rumiko Takahashi the same mangaka who did Inuyasha)

Okay I’m just reblogging this instead of using the ask box because there’s a lot to answer here! Eheheh. 

FF XII’s okay but I didn’t get all the way through it either. My favorite Final Fantasy games are VII and VI (I’ve played them both twice)! IV and IX are also really good! :) X looks good, so I’ll probably get around to it after I play Fire Emblem. (And I think Pokemon is an RPG…I think… *shrugs*)

Oooh Elder Scrolls! I’ve never actually played any of them but I love their soundtracks, especially the one for Morrowind!

As for my paintings, I’ll just give you this shot of my makeshift studio so that I don’t flood this thing with photos. (What do you like to draw?)image

Hehehe for anime, I’ve been tending towards the huge narrative ones- so my current favorites are Naruto, Fairy Tail, Inuyasha, and Fullmetal Alchemist. (I actually haven’t finished Inuyasha yet- I’m new O_o. But this fandom has so many awesome, nice people.) (Oh! And I also love the soundtrack for Elfen Lied- I’m pretty sure I’ve listened to every version of ‘Lilium’ that there is at this point. Erutan’s is one of my favorites.) I’ve read parts of the Fairy Tail and Naruto mangas, but Fruits Basket is one of my favorites too (it’s also an anime, but the manga’s so much better.)

What about tv shows? I’ve been watching Once Upon a Time and I love it.

Yeah FF VII is definitely a classic I really want to play it some day ! And the elder scroll is a fantastic series and yes the music is absolutely beautiful :) I never played Morrowind but I’ll get to it one day ! 

WOW your paintings ! You have so much talent ! Have you been painting for a long time? Did you ever take any classes? I would love to be good at drawing characters but I still struggle with the anatomy :/ So I love to draw landscapes ! Your painting with the mountain is especially beautiful I love the colors :)

Aah I love shonen animes too ! I have a couple of volumes of Fairy Tail that I took at the library that are still in my bookshelf but I’ll read them as soon as I’m done with Death Note :P Just by seeing pictures on tumblr I already ship Natsu and Lucy even though I still don’t watch the show x) And oh yes Lilium is a beautiful piece ! I wanted to learn it at the piano but I realized that I still wasn’t good enough to play it xd I’m not a huge fan of shojos but I heard that fruit basket was good ! :)

Oh and for tv shows well my favorites are Game of thrones, The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries and Breaking bad ! Oh and I’ve heard so many people talk about Once Upon a Time ! I still don’t know what the story is about but i’ll definitely watch it in my winter break :)