OH MY GOD but can we imagine Inuyasha accidentally swallowing the Shikon no Tama whole and everyone’s kind of like UHHH WHAT DO WE DO and The Wise Miroku is just like “we’ll have to wait for it to come out whichever end” and when it comes out (maybe Inuyasha eats like ten cups of Ramen to puke it out because it’ll just be too embarrassing otherwise) it’s completely purified because he’s just a pure-hearted nerd loser on the inside

lifelesspriestess asked: Oh, and dear, your gifs are great! I really like your edits!! <3

Asdfghjkl you have no idea how much this means to me ! :’) I’m just starting out so this encourages me a LOT!  And I think you are an amazing RPer ! :) You’re mikokagome too right ? You are one of the first blog I ever followed! Oh and can I just say your writing skills are fantastic for someone whose first language isn’t english ? English isn’t my first language too so idk it impresses me a lot  ! :)

“We do not know what is coming, but a storm. So if it is the only thing you can do now, keep your holy places clean. Because when the storm comes, rain has a way of washing all the rest.”


Priest Takuya (Light Me A Lantern)

I usually don’t preview quotes from upcoming chapters, but this one is so damn important in the context of what Kagome is going through at the beginning of Chapter 12. Not only that, it’s pretty much an important theme throughout the entire story, so I wanted to share it a little early!

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